Welcome to NovaSMS New Interface. We do hope you love & achieve your messaging purpose here.

NovaSMS has been in the Mobile Marketing industry for over 10 years now, which we have used to build and notched several brands to get to their stable state. Our experience pride us in the industry, furnishing you the needed confidence with all campaigns you choose to entrust us with.

We offer automated Mobile Marketing of all categories, using our rich fill features like:

  • Sending SMS Messages to People at specific ares in a given state or profession
  • Conduct Opinion Poll Campaign using our SMS Shortcode Integration
  • Conduct User Experience Survey of any kind using our SMS Shortcode Integration
  • Conduct SMS Voting of any kind using our SMS Shortcode Integration

Our serviced organizations include the following though not limited:

  • Political Agencies
  • Commercial Banks
  • Micro-finance Banks
  • Churches
  • Shop owners
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Schools

All these organizations has no doubt had the magic response experience that goes with the strategic SMS Campaign we staged.

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ACCOUNT NAME: Brainet Systems
GT BANK A/C NO: 0014946742
FIRST BANK A/C NO: 2014467301
STERLING BANK A/C NO: 0052310569
To pay online with your ATM Bank:
Login>>Buy SMS>>Select Online Payment and follow the instruction.